Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Boys and Girls of Evergreen Lutheran Sunday School,

I am so excited.  Today I visited a school in a village near our town of Dodoma.
The school is for children ages 6 to 14.  It is a public school and is free for the students.
The students wear uniforms but some can not afford new ones so they must wear used ones.
The school has no paper, no texbooks, no playground and no place to eat.  The students sit on long benches at a desk or sit on the floor.  The teacher writes on a chalkboard and the students copy in a small notebook.

They have no doors or windows in their school just openings where the door and windows would go.
There are many flies and insects.  There are no bathrooms or running water. Many of the teachers live on campus because they do not have a car

Hope  you  enjoy the pictures! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


which means hello in Swahili.
Soon I will be going to a country
called Tanzania on the eastern coast of Africa.

My special job will be to teach students to speak English
and to bring books to their schools. (Many schools do not have a desk for every
student or even pencils and paper.)
Some of my students will be in elementary
schools others will be in a college.

All people of Tanzania speak Swahili. Not many students can speak English.

The city I will go to is called DODOMA. Many children in this city are very poor. They do not
have enough food to eat or a good place to sleep.

While I am there you will be helping me ship books to a special elementary school outside of
Dodoma called Msalato. Each box you send will help Msalato's students learn English and enjoy
hearing and reading a new story.


Your hands can help by bringing your

pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters

to SUNDAY SCHOOL each Sunday.

Your money will help the children of Msalato

by sending boxes full of books.

This will be a wonderful gift to the children.

I'll write again soon...

which is Good-by

Miss Charlotte